ot4 for nature republic
same situation. different reaction.

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Okay, Chanyeol and Kai, you two get trouble~~~

chanbaek sending each other not so subtle messages during first snow. >.<

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exo @ men’s style photoshoot [part 1 of 4]
exo @ men’s style photoshoot [part 3 of 4]
exo @ men’s style photoshoot [part 2 of 4]
exo @ men’s style photoshoot [part 4 of 4]

I just found out three secrets from Cassandra Clare's City of Heavenly Fire!

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"Sehun is kind and cute. But sometimes he crosses the line and gets hit by D.O. D.O is in charge of punishments in the team (laughs)."

EXO Members on Sehun (130816 Sports Seoul interview)
Translation: dailyexo.tumblr.com, Source: Sports Seoul. (via fyhunsoo)